September 15, 2000

Apocryphyx survived their last US tour with Rattlesnake Kiss, and is currently creating new songs for the upcoming album.

August 23, 2000

Apocryphyx final two shows of their 'Mad With Power' tour at the Los Angeles Ampitheater were completely sold out!!   The band and their management want to thank all the fans in the USA for such a great tour.

April 26, 2000

Allright, so here´s the latest news on the US tour. The Powermad tour will begin June 2th on the east coast of the USA and move west. Check the tour date page for more info.

April 1, 2000

The fan club, a mailing list was just set up, so things are moving on that level. And we´re currently looking at the first special offer coming from there. More info to follow.

February 22, 2000


Here at the website we've been having problems with our e-mail, but I think they're finally fixed. and here are our brand new email addresses: for general fan mail and bullshit.  E-mail regarding the merchandise, orders and so on. Make sure to update your files and mailing lists, etc. ASAP, since the old addresses are NO LONGER VALID.

December 30, 1999

  Apocryphyx came as no. 1 in the "Band of the Year" poll by swedish major Newspaper Expressen.

The poll's contestants were artists, actors and general "celebrities" that were at some point during the year, chosen to be "Band of the Week" in the newspaper. Apocryphyx however, was the first metal band in the history of the newspaper to win the award.

December 2, 1999

Meztal has just recently reissued the first two Apocryphyx albums as part of our deal with them:

In Confusion There Remains..., and the debut album from '96, XC.I.

The In Confusion There Remains... album comes with all new artwork as does the XC.I (that one's artwork has been used for the US-edition of the album for years, but only now has the album been released in Europe with this artwork, or released in Europe at all for that matter.)

Release date for both reissues is October 31st.

August 27th, 1999

Apocryphyx has signed a 4 album deal with Meztal Records, and the first album to be released is the long awaited "Powermad" (To be released on September 9th in Europe, and October 19th in the US), quickly to be followed by the reissue of "The Watcher" on Halloween. The reissue will feature completely new artwork.

On a merchandise level, Apocryphyx has signed a deal with merchandise company Hymlock, and so there should be a ton of mesmerizing Apocryphyx merchandise to grab a hold of in the near future. Currently Apocryphyx is working on a few new shirt designs to be made in conjunction with the US tour with Rattlesnake Kiss. For more information on dates - see Tourdates.

Finally, our Merchandise Page basically consists of the last remaining items from the now inactive record label Twisted Edge Music. It is a list of items that are normally not sold through stores and other retailers, and will only exist for as long as these items do. This website is mainly intended for news concerning Apocryphyx, and will not be offering a ton of merchandise (unless something really cool this way comes- then we will let you know about it).