Spring 2000

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CD Apocryphyx "XC.I" 140/18/30
CD Apocryphyx "In Confusion There Remains..." 140/18/30
CD Apocryphyx "Powermad" (the latest effort from Apocryphyx) 140/18/30
CD Apocryphyx "Road of Fury" 140/18/30
LP Apocryphyx "Powermad" (Beautiful gatefold sleeve, limited edition, recommended!) 140/18/30
Poster Apocryphyx "Promo poster for debut" (promo poster printed for Twisted Edge Records, B/W, A2-size) 20/3/5
Poster Apocryphyx "Poster from XC.I" (black and white. Left overs from golden vinyl release of debut. Not the same design as the promo poster! A2-sized) 20/3/5
Poster Apocryphyx "Promo poster for "In Confusion There Remains..." album" (A2 poster in full color! Excellent.) 30/5/8

The Apocryphyx 12" series:

12" Apocryphyx "The Watcher" (third single) 90/14/20
12" Apocryphyx "Games of Fate" (forth single) 90/14/20
12" Apocryphyx "Truth and Lies" (last single in the series
of five!)

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