I guess it needed to be done at some point. We have been messing around with this web site for a couple of years, and we always thought that we probably should put a few words in here ourselves - but somehow never got around to doing it because we were touring so much.

We just completed our 4th North American tour, this time with Rattlesnake Kiss opening most of our dates. The US is always great to us, and playing the bigger arenas this time was fantastic. I mean, we like the smaller general admission venues, but there's nothing like looking out over a crowd of 15,000 screaming people.

So we're back in the studio for the next couple months working on the next album.

The other big news is that we're confimed for the 2001 Donnington Monsters of Rock show. We'll also be recording a live album at the same time so show up and scream really really loud!

Keep rockin' with Apocryphyx!