October 12th, 1996

From Brenbugh Germany, a haven for up and coming musicians, came Apocryphyx. Although Brenbugh has produced a large number of successful bands, very few are of metal origin.  However, with such bands as Shattered Skull and Cryptic Celts to pave the way, Apocryphyx's path seemed preordained.  

Apocryphyx was formed in late 1995 by former Cyber Kultur members Tom Garron (drums) and Kris Adoms (guitar).   After playing industrial music for a short time, they decided to return to their metal roots and recruited vocalist Mark Wilhelm. Although Mark had never sung in a metal band before, he had cut his chops playing drums and singing in a number of Rock and Roll bands.  After six months of auditions, Bull Godson (bass) was added to the lineup and Apocryphyx was complete.

Apocryphyx's music is blend of melodic vocals combined with heavy technical rythmic movements.  The band is heavily influeced by Rush, Watchtower and Fate's Warning, although their sound is definitely their own.

Apocryphyx's lyrics range from the politically conscious War (Never Dies), and social commentary of A Mirror's Lie, to the personal introspection of Storms of Confusion.